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Have logistical information always up-to-date and accessible for both you and your customer. Always. Nyfle helps suppliers and customers to work together better, on one integrated platform. Reducing mailtrails and communication errors along the way.

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Reduce errors,
reduce costs

Enhance on-time shipments deliveries by avoiding needless demurrage. Nyfle detects deviations in your logistical flow based on customizable parameters.
Actionable messages enable you to react, before things actually do go wrong.


Centralized data repository

Product specifications, label requirements, packaging and loading instructions, ...
Nyfle helps to maintain the oversight and makes sure you are working with the latest version. Calling an end to your endless mailbox queries to find that one specific mail.



Do you ever feel lost within your own organization on your post-sales processes? Nyfle helps you in determining the heartbeat of your organization.
You can't manage what you don't measure.

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A consolidated solution
manage your business at a breeze

Having all information at your fingertips enhances control & removes all slack.

Everyone in Sync. Always.

Working in the Nyfle collaborative cloud means everyone is always on top of things with the most recent information. Collegues, managers and customers. No time-zone delays or unneeded emails.

Centralized Overviews

Get an up-to-date business overview of your business. Including the status of incoming and outgoing orders, Purchase Order fullfillment and complaint handling.


Avoid Mail-Trails

Excess e-mails can truly immobilize your business, with Information being locked up in individual mailboxes . Nyfle makes the information accessible for your whole team. Anytime. Anywhere.


Nyfle understands your supply chain being global. Therefore it supports translations to English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French and German.

Transparent Order Status

Work with your whole team and customer on the same data, with nothing being forgotten.
Everyone always up to date, sounds great no?


Control every step

Problems usually arise due to the lack of oversight. By providing an easy to understand overview of what actions still have to be completed Nyfle helps just there where your current logistical information let's you down. By working in such a structured with the Nyfle cloud both you and your clients achieve performance gains.
We rule out the non-added value communication and restrict your email usage for solving those issues which usually go undetected due to the vast amount of mail.

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Management Dashboard

Getting the correct information on time, the heartbeat of any logistical chain

Getting up-to-date reporting has become a pre-requisite to run a fast pace company. Getting this information anytime and anywhere can be a hassle. By using the Nyfle cloud you always have your business intelligence at your fingertips and in a digestible way. All of this automatically, without occupying an employee with updating your weekly executive report.

Meet our Logistical Hub

Readily available and comprehensive accessible data availability for your clients


Cut the Slack

Businesses are typically paralyzed by endless customer's requests for information. You don't only lose oversight of the important emails by the mailtrails, but more importantly you lose time which could be focussed on running your business. Nyfle enables your customer to check all orders & logistics in 1 centralized hub.


Perfectly designed

Our logistical hub tracks all document shipment directly from the courrier websites. This gives you one centralized overview, always up to date without cruising for 7 different webpages everyday. Nyfle gives you the time back you usually spend with tracking, so you have more time to focus on the actions that are required on your end


A reliable business application

We understand you're running a reliable company, our services strive for the same.



Your data is for us as important as you are. All communication with the Nyfle platform is transferred over 256-bit Secured Socket Layer (SSL/https) encrypted line and our data-centers adhere to the highest security standards: restricted server access, live-monitoring 24/7 and a virtualized server setup. The backend is designed so there is no direct data-access available for staff, any access through the database is monitored by audit-logs.



Our data-centers work fully redundant: Network connections assured by multiple Tier1 carriers, power assured by backup generators and spares availabile for all critical hardware. All live-data is backed up in RAID1 to prevent any data-loss from equipment malfunction and daily offsite, geographical spread backups are made.
We commit ourselves to an SLA agreement of 99,99% uptime (except for planned maintenance), in case of breach we fully refund your subscription fee of the whole month.


Application Speed

A well designed, performant application is a requirement for any business environment. The Nyfle cloud has been built on the most recent Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. By seperating Models (database interaction), Views (template) and Controller (client interaction) we achieve a strong and speedy source code. The clean code not only increases the stability and security of our platforms, it allows us to detect coding errors and protect the application against malicious database injections.

Software as a Service

Monthly Subscription, free updates

At Nyfle we are driven by delivering great products to our clients. We implement a Software as a Service model for our services as we believe you are entitled to the most flexible solution, providing updates at no additional cost. We try to improve our solution on a daily basis, please get in touch with us with your suggestions so we can work towards an even better solution for all of us.
We are as flexible as you are: No setup fees, free updates, no hidden costs.


With a yearly cost lower than your average demurrage invoice,
Nyfle is called an investment

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